It's That Time Again has been released as a digital single on November 20th!  Yule CAN get a copy on all the usual outlets like CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

"It’s That Time Again is one of the earliest songs I wrote.  It was inspired by a recollection of a memory of going to church for the midnight Christmas Eve service at our families church, and the snow coming down burying the parked cars.  I have no idea why a seven year old would left outside on his own in a snow storm at 11 pm on Christmas, but hey it was simpler times. 

I always had and still have a soft spot for the entire Christmas season, and all the various traditions my family has, and that I've passed on to my own kids. I actually don't feel all that cynical about the commercialization of the holiday either.  I love the secular songs, the department store windows, the cartoons, the films.  Every time I feel myself indulging in those delights, I can't help but realize how much luckier I am than so many folks, and how the holiday really is about the birth of someone who was to redeem our souls, and how easy it is to forget that especially once the holiday is over.  And more importantly, that sometimes even men can rise above all the hubris and give back at least a little, men on the side of the angels."--Rich Krueger



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