produced by rich krueger

engineered, recorded, edited and mixed  by bill kavanagh at bobdog studios, oak park il 

significant production assistance by paul kotheimer & bill kavanagh

seth lee jones recorded for track 1 & 4 by dylan layton in tulsa

jared tyler (track 6) & michael staub (track 3) recorded by jared tyler in tulsa

paul kotheimer recorded for track 5 by paul kotheimer in urbana

remixing/guitar & bass tracking (tracks 1, 2, & 4)/editing/production assistance on tracks 1, 2 & 4 by jay o’rourke with thomas thornhill

the album was mastered by dave mcnair

all songs written by rich krueger BMI c p2017 rockink musicTM

contact/lyrics/mailing list/etc. at

media/publicity by kg music press

us radio promotion by powderfinger promotions

uk/eu radio promotion by music promotions inc

track 5 ends with a brief quote from “it’s a heartache” written by ronnie scott & steve wolfe & recorded in 1970 by bonnie tyler. universal music careers 1970.  mechanical royalties apply.

bonus track 11 ends with a brief quote from “feliz navidad”  written and recorded in 1970 by josé feliciano. opj & h publishing company 1970.  mechanical royalties apply.

cover art design by jeff & rich krueger with help from scott greene

the linocut “new growth” (cover) and painting “spring growth” (middle panel) are by the artist scott greene

laughing rk & skeptical rk photo by jim newberry

screaming rk as a child holding a fiddle in the RKM logo by dick krueger

the back cover image of the shangrila polynesian restaurant circa 1964  (before it became a porn movie theater in 1971) is publicly licensed as the image "964-CMO5014" by Jeanette Williams is licensed under CC By 4.0

other images in the CD booklet by rich krueger, unless otherwise noted


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