Life Ain't That Long

by Rich Krueger

Released 2018
Rockink Music
Released 2018
Rockink Music
Life Aint That Long will take you somewhere you ain't never been IF you are willing to listen. It might be tell you something that you might or might not enjoy, something that might even trouble you, but it will never be ordinary. Americana/Blue-eyed Soul
  • 04:31 Lyrics A Stoopid Broken Heart

    A day don’t pass me by that a perfect stranger doesn’t tell me

    That I remind them of someone that they once loved or knew that’s died

    I smile back at them as if to say 'Well, thank you'

    ‘Cause it’s good having been seen for having tried.

    Like you, I’m here to raise a glass to all my lonely foolish dreaming

    The cup spills over sometimes when the troubles start to swell

    No right minded no one wants to break down to a stranger

    So that’s why God made bars and girl bar singers and one-night cheap motels

    But hey you look like you’re just drunk enough that you might understand me

    Let me pull on your coat awhile 'til the night pulls us apart

    There ain’t nobody sober gonna talk to me tonight

    ‘Cause they’ve all heard this one already about me and the girl bar singer and

    A stoopid broken heart

    I know just why I came here but I know I won’t admit it

    At least not until I had a few more than a few

    I’m staring at the stage wondering when she’ll get started

    A few more and every song she sings will be about me, too

    She sings of loneliness like it’s something she invented

    She’s kicking at my head from the inside

    She shatters my illusions that I just might one day be happy

    Then she leaves smiling before I can drink up all I can’t hide

    But friend if you’re me friend you'd think you’d tell me

    But I’m too drunk to listen and the night’s torn me apart

    There ain’t nobody sober gonna talk to me tonight

    ‘Cause they’ve all heard this one already about me and the girl bar singer

    And a stoopid broken heart

  • 05:15 Lyrics The Gospel According to Carl

    I'm wearing a big bow tie

    Time was I could sell you anything

    Even the pyramids along the Nile

    Just crack open the odometer and roll back the miles

    Flash a smile

    Rattle those keys

    Watch the beater roll off the lot

    Like a set of old bones

    And if you don't get fifty miles before the brakes just fail

    Well even Jesus had no guarantees

    Guess I was blessed with an honest face

    I took religion at an early age

    I played this cripple with an offering plate

    As Daddy saved souls from a soap box stage

    When he passed he left me that gift

    Christ, the man could sell you anything...I mean anything

    But damn my soul to hell somehow I pissed it away

    Behold a broken salesman's fall from grace

    Can't you hear the bells?

    There's a church at the end of the road

    The congregation's redeeming

    And from up here on the steeple

    You can look down at all the people praying

     Praying take me back before I lost my faith

    Take me back when I could look you in the eye

    Shake your hand and lie straight to your face

    Those were my glory days

    No prick of a conscience to get in the way

    Who'd ever guess it'd be over

    And there weren't no accidents to shake my confidence

    Since the news, I've hardly been sober

    They had me clean out my desk

    I swore they'd be begging me to come back

    When the new guy leaned back in my old chair and said,

    'Look pal, don't make us laugh'

    I guess that he knew my wife

    Who said the same thing the week before

    Then slammed the door.

    Oh and they're so sure that I got no where to go

    You can tell 'em, it's me and my maker tonight

    Can't you hear the bells ringing?

    There's a church at the end of the road

    The congregations is singing

    And from up here the steeple, you feel a little bit closer to our Jesus.

    And I'm still wearing that big bow tie

    Along with every piece of clothes I own

    And it says here it looks like rain

    On page four of the newspaper parasol

    Next the photo of a family who lost control of their vehicle

    On their way home

    Christ, the time was I could sell you anything

    Jesus, lead me on home

    Can't you hear the bells ringing?

    There's a church at the end of the road

    The congregations is screaming

    As I let go of the steeple

    Catch me Jesus. I'm falling.

  • 05:08 Lyrics '77/17

    It was fucking easy being green

    And there, proudly on the movie screen 

    A rock and roll transvestite queen

    Midnight lips

    My first kiss

    Susan Saradon’s lovely tits

    John and Paul, Glen, Sid and Steve 

    And a brand new Elvis stops the TV

    Harry Reems gets out of jail

    William Jefferson Clinton still don’t inhale

    But she let me put my fingers there

    Then Nancy slipped off her underwear

    '77 /17

    A couple hundred nights and Christ, I really loved you Nancy

    '77 was like a blur

    The Pistols flipped off the whole fucking world

    Steamed up car windows radio nights

    Policemen and their long flash lights

    Bee Gees under winter stars

    Not all the way, but really really far

    I swore to her that my love was true

    And God knows I longed to show her, too.

    So I walked hours to her house through streets of snow

    Still, Nancy'd never tell me no

    Though if she had, well I would have died

    What a fucking perfect way to go

    '77 /17

    Many many many many many nights and

    Christ,  I really loved you Nancy

    It was '78 when eighteen hit

    I was college-bound

    I was dumb as shit

    The music died at Winterland the fourteenth day

    I prayed she wanted me to stay. but she wouldn’t say

    God she really made me sad

    But to her it looked like I got mad

    So one day I just didn't talk to her

    And to this day, Nancy ain't never said a word

    Sid and his Nancy were a year away

    But me, I think I really died that day

    I want to go back and learn

    How not to love someone in turn

    Who lets you kiss 'em at a show

    Where every punk that you know knows

    '77 /17

    Jesus Fucking H. Christ, I really loved you Nancy

    Mary  Mother of God, I really loved you Nancy

  • 04:19 Lyrics A Short One on Life

    She walked in.

    She looked around.

    She picked me out and she spun me ‘round,

    And said, ‘Kiss me now boy, but don’t ever take your eyes off me'.

    To this day, I ain’t sure if this story’s even true.

    Tell me, does this kind of shit ever happen to you?

    ‘Cause it ain’t never happened to me before in my whole goddamn life.

    And maybe, well maybe, she’s just real drunk. I couldn’t tell you.

    Me, I’d rather take what comes then try to tell a river which way to run.

    ‘Cause there is only one fact that I’ve hewn hard from my long life,

    And that’s that life, well it ain’t that long.

    If she had a nickel,

    Or so I was told,

    For every one-night wonder with a heart of gold

    And a name for his cock that no thinking person would ever even name a dog,

    Then she might have had time for nicer finer things.

    She might’ve even stayed home past age 13,

    When with her father’s long coat and his cigarettes,

    She hopped a freight train for Tennessee

    And maybe, just maybe, she’s just crazy. 

    And sometimes, she’s just hurt.

    But who needs a stranger’s tears.

    A stranger’s more use for vodka and beers.

    And you’re never gonna make me believe it’s a sin to want a warmer place to sleep,

    Even if just like life, he ain’t that long.

    Some folks got names for women like her,

    And she knows the places those kind of folks can go.

    The small minded kind who like to pass judgement.

    Well, they can all just kiss her ass,

    And then kiss the ass of the woman who should have been president.

    There ought to be a law against stupid.

    Well, we stayed a couple  

    For a couple go ‘rounds,

    As if two losts could ever make a found.

    We were off and on and in and out for two years that I will never see again.

    Well, I could complain out loud how my life unwound,

    But that’s just the way that some lives are bound,

    And though you know you can’t step into the same river twice,

    Don’t mean you’re ever gonna quit tryin’.

    And maybe, well maybe, life’s meant to be crazy, sad and strange,

    Messed up and poorly planned, and the only one you’re ever gonna have.

    But sometimes, well sometimes, I get a little lucky, and something comes along,

    Like a short song about life, how life ain’t that long.

    A short one on life, how life ain’t that long

  • 05:56 Lyrics Then Jessica Smiled

    How’s your weekend going?

    They’re always going.  Think you could ever make one last?

    Kiddo, from my end, I fear a fool’s heart always breaks way too fast.

    How is it that a girl?  How is it that your smile

    Could make me so proud to be humbled, broke up, and beguiled?

    Kiddo, I am just another stupid fan,

    An old weak, married, foolish man.

    But you, you are wild life, a pistol, sex, and white light,

    A dancing pyre built of a thousand burnished diamonds.

    Dare I take your hand?  Crash with open arms wide?

    'Til everything stops still as you flash another smile?

    I pray that this song finds you,

    And wherever it finds you, that it find you well.

    Kiddo, did I forget to mention my wife?

    She said she liked you. I can always tell.

    Me, I hold to this kind of bent Punk-Christian view.

    Always try to ask myself, “Now just what would our Sid Vicious do?”

    And when I find an answer to put my heart at rest,

    I draw a broken bottle across my chest.

    But if God could just forget, or forgive, just this one time.

    If Sidney is still dying for all these stupid sins of mine.

    Then grace might co-mingle with ecstasy

    While my mounting stupor whiles

    Away everything that once seemed somehow important

    Before Jessica smiled

    Kiddo, I just an old man.

    Even less of an old man than some knotted old tree.

    But Kiddo, can you help me try to remember just how it felt to seem so free?

    Young mens’ inspiration just spills down from above

    While we old just prattle on about Graves and hopeless loves

    And you, you’re young and rare enough it’s true

    To be the squire’s only daughter, too.

    But all the larks asleep within my hat

    Dream of their escape to fly and sing about you.

    All the drunken drumming, the singing madly in that room.

    And underneath the din,  a rock rolls from a tomb.

    But do I long for you, or what could have been

    Had I been wanton heedless and wild?

    Or is it just that for so long, I have so longed

    And then Jessica smiled.

    It’s  a heartache

    Nothing but a heartache

    Hits you when it’s too late

    Hits you when you’re down

  • 05:00 Lyrics Can't See Me in This Light

    All needs be

    Seen by me

    Is lit by the light

    Burning steady in your eyes

    Ruby glowing coals

    Bank the timbers of your soul 

    A strange strong light

    Burning steady in your eyes

    Shine on me

    Let your light shine down on me

    It don't matter you can't see me in this light

    But let your light shine down

    If there’s a point

    To have a heart

    It’s so I'll know

    Just what it means to lose it

    And man it's gone

    I'll never find it in a night that's gone this blind

    From the white pure gleaming

    Burning steady in your eyes

    Shine on me

    Let your light shine down on me

    It don't matter you can't see me in this light

    But let your light shine down

    All love is

    Is a door ajar

    You're drawn through

    After light falling from a star

    Build me a cage Out of your arms

    I will be a perfect effigy

    Burning steady in your eyes

    Shine on me

    Let your light shine down

    It don't matter you can't see me in this light

    But let your light shine down


  • 05:55 Lyrics Ain't It so Nice Outside Today

    Ain’t it so nice outside today?

    Ain’t it so nice outside today?

    There’s so much you want to do.

    Ain’t it so nice outside today? 

    His back's been broke a couple times.

    Her neck just won’t bend quite right.

    He lost his left eye in some bar fight.

    Her shoulder’s froze up tight.

    She can’t mount a flight of stairs.

    Can’t climb out of a chair.

    He said, 'My head got busted with a 2 X 4,

    Since that day doc, it’s like I got no soul no more."

     And it hurts so bad,

    And it’s hurt for so damn long now.

    The pain won’t ever go away.

    But I gotta live another day.' I wanna live another day.

    'Cause there's just so much I wanna do

    And it's so nice outside today.

    Sister been deaf since she was born.

    Brother been blind since he was two

    From something he caught from momma when he got born.

    Whatever it was carried momma off too. 

    Your good hand keeps dropping things. 

    Your foot feels like it’s made of wood.

    Can’t walk. Can’t talk. Can’t stand. Can’t sit.

    And there’s blood every time you take a shit. 

    And it hurts so bad,

    And you ain’t worked for so damn long now.

    The boss won't dare your coming back.

    And if you don’t work, well you don’t get paid

    So you can't live to work another day.

    And there’s so much you still can do. And ain’t it nice outside today?

    The nurse, she said good luck 

    She give you these pills, but you don't know what they do.

    But these pills, they just don't see you through.

    It's like helplessness is just another word for nothing left to lose.

    There but for fortune

    She said 'Doc, the meth ran out.,

    And I crashed real hard

    February. The cops found me down

    Outside an E/R that'd been shut down.

    Seems I’d slept too long

    I slept too hard on my right arm.

    They said there weren’t nothin’ they could do.

    Doc said he had to cut it off before time I’d come to.

    And it hurts so bad.

    And it’s hurt for so damn long now.

    I can’t even feed myself.

    But didn't Jesus

    Didn't Jesus even ask God himself?

    Didn't Jesus ask even ask God himself?

    Why can’t I live another day?

    'Cause ain't it so nice outside today.

    Ain’t it so nice outside today?'

    helpless hopeless aimless homeless pointless

    toothless limbless useless faceless worthless


    But it's don't cry don't cry don't cry

    Baby don't cry

    ‘Cause there’s still so much that you can do

    And ain’t it so nice outside today?

  • 07:10 Lyrics The Wednesday Boys

    Cut it loose.  Cut it loose.

    For Christ’s sake, dig it out and cut it loose,

    The rueful treasure in your chest, the buried child that’s of no use.

    The bitter gilded stupid sorrow so staunchly unsurrendered

    From that hollow part that once held a heart.

    Tune it out. Tune it out.

    Turn it off.  No one is even listening.

    Even to a kind, kind friend, it only sounds like pissing.

    You've been betrayed again and again by a restive, unforgiving brain,

    And by those songs that always seem to make it fucking rain.

    I ain't going down this time.

    You can’t bring me down again.  This time it’s mine.

    I've no more room for shadows.

    I’ve no more time for that kind of noise.

    Say good-bye to one of your Wednesday boys.

    Look again.  Look again into that mirror.

    Cross yourself down and count to ten.

    The stranger in that unkind glass ain’t never been no real good friend.

    Although you both could stand a real good talking to.

    Would he listen this time?

    Ask yourself, would you?

    So cut it out.  Cut it out.

    Come no nearer, not even for that one last look.

    Step of the shadows. Lift the chin up off the hook.

    Leave behind the songs that always make it rain,

    And all those holes where you earth your poisoned honeyed pain.

    I’m ain't going down this time.

    You can’t bring me down again.  This time it’s mine.

    I've no more room for shadows.

    I’ve no more time for this kind of noise.

    Say good-bye to one of your Wednesday boys.

  • 03:21 Lyrics What Is It That You Want?

    What is it that you want

    This time?

    Can you put it into words?

    Would you know it if it bit you?

    Could you wrap your fingers around

    Those dreams that are put there to kill you?

    Tomorrow’s lying face down in the road

    Congratulations! You’re our one millionth new Tom Joad.

    But if you don't believe what’s just been said

    This is a wake-up call

    But are you already dead?

    Listen up Brothers and Sisters

    What is it that you want?

    What is it that you want?

    Yes you.

    Face facts

    You better fucking think this through.

    But you don’t know what you want, do you?

    Here’s a mirror.  Tell the truth.

    You laugh. You smile. But you’re just a liar

    You're blowing smoke but without the fire

    You say you can live without desire?

    Can you name anyone else who would even want to?

    Can I get a witness brothers and sisters?

    What is it that you what?

    Is it a brand new car?

    A brand new wife?

    A good night’s sleep?

    A decent life?

    To die in your own bed with your loved one’s near?

    Your soul to keep?

    Or just one more year?

    Do you want to sing to hear to see

    To walk to talk to live to breathe

    To know deep in your soul

    That you were once worth something to someone

    That you ain’t yet died inside

    That your ship ain't sailed its last time

    And when it all finally slips away

    That your life has been one hell of a stay

    Testify for me Brothers and Sisters

    What is it that you what?

  • 04:26 Lyrics What We Are

    Now that your world has gone turned inside out 

    And everything you hold true is plagued with doubt,

    If there’s still a place where life’s wrestled free from fear,

    And there’s a God who loves us,

    It ain’t here.

    Look, you and I both know that mistakes were made

    As the philosopher said even Emperors will,

    But it was telling the Emperor what kings just don’t want to hear

    That got the philosopher killed.

    When speaking lies is safer than speaking true,

    Listen friend. There’s something you can do

    Take your broken wooden heart

    And carve yourself a gypsy violin.

    Make it laugh just like a mother’s crying.

    Listen while it whispers ‘The world isn’t dying

    And tomorrow‘s really not that far.


    Tomorrow’s what we are’.

    Get in my car.  I’ll drive us down to Ancient Rome,

    54 AD.  Emperor Nero ‘s at home.

    At night in his garden, Christian torches* aglow

    He entertained the masses with a fiddle and a bow.

    And like the late Spade Cooley, he kicked his wife to death.

    He killed his brother and his mother, too.  It’s true.


    And before Rome knew what hit her, fires would grow.

    Tell me, does this sound like anyone you already know?

    Somewhere hope can’t hurt you, it only makes you strong. 

    Somewhere no one claims a thing’s right that’s just plain wrong.

    Somewhere men know we must walk awhile in another man’s shoes,

    And that a lie is a lie, and not ‘fake news’.

    The stones on your chest ain’t really new.

    These fallen seas around us can rise for me and for you.

    Take your broken wooden heart

    And carve yourself a gypsy violin.

    Make it laugh just like a mother’s crying.

    Listen while it whispers ‘The world isn’t dying

    And tomorrow‘s really not that far.


    Tomorrow’s what we are’.

  • 04:55 Lyrics It's That Time Again

    It doesn't seem very long ago.

    Outside the church, I watched parked cars

    Disappear under Christmas snow.

    It was about eleven, and the service was about to start.

    I could have stood there all night,

    But I was only seven, so I went in and played my part.

    I guess it's the cold that I like the most.

    Christ, if he were here, he'd probably spend his birthday on the gulf coast.

    Drive along the water, and watch the sea-oats sway;

    Have a few beers, then stroll onto the gulf.

    Probably fish all day.

    And it's that time again,

    'Tis the season for shopping, cartoons, and a little good will to men.

    But after giving dad that perfect Christmas tie,

    After all the parties, after all the clothing drives,

    Once the New Year's resolutions are tossed like the empty bottles of champagne,

    Then it's back to routine, and thank God that everything's back the same.

    We seem strangely blessed once all the lights have been put away.

    Charity may begin at home, but always seems to end on Christmas day.

    Two shepherds tend their flocks by night.

    It's late. it's cold. They're more than a little tight,

    One says to the other, 'Man, is that some kind of star?'

    'No, man it's probably just a passing car."

    And it's that time again.

    Sometimes among the voices of angels

    You can hear the voices of men.