by Rich Krueger

Released 2017
Rockin'k Music
Released 2017
Rockin'k Music
Songs from two full-length albums coming Fall 2017.
Rich Krueger was a New Folk Finalist at Kerrville Folk Festival in 2017.

"Talented highly distinctive songwriter...cerebral, ironic....Richard Thompsonesque" - Dirty Linen
  • 04:18 Lyrics A Short One on Life

    She walked in.

    She looked around.

    She picked me out and she spun me ‘round,

    And said, ‘Kiss me now boy, but don’t ever take your eyes off me'.

    To this day, I ain’t sure if this story’s even true.

    Tell me, does this kind of shit ever happen to you?

    ‘Cause it ain’t never happened to me before in my whole goddamn life.

    And maybe, well maybe, she’s just real drunk. I couldn’t tell you.

    Me, I’d rather take what comes then try to tell a river which way to run.

    ‘Cause there is only one fact that I’ve hewn hard from my long life,

    And that’s that life, well it ain’t that long.

    If she had a nickel,

    Or so I was told,

    For every one-night wonder with a heart of gold

    And a name for his cock that no thinking person would ever even name a dog,

    Then she might have had time for nicer finer things.

    She might’ve even stayed home past age 13,

    When with her father’s long coat and his cigarettes,

    She hopped a freight train for Tennessee

    And maybe, just maybe, she’s just crazy. 

    And sometimes, she’s just hurt.

    But who needs a stranger’s tears.

    A stranger’s more use for vodka and beers.

    And you’re never gonna make me believe it’s a sin to want a warmer place to sleep,

    Even if just like life, he ain’t that long.

    Some folks got names for women like her,

    And she knows the places those kind of folks can go.

    The small minded kind who like to pass judgement.

    Well, they can all just kiss her ass,

    And then kiss the ass of the woman who should have been president.

    There ought to be a law against stupid.

    Well, we stayed a couple  

    For a couple go ‘rounds,

    As if two losts could ever make a found.

    We were off and on and in and out for two years that I will never see again.

    Well, I could complain out loud how my life unwound,

    But that’s just the way that some lives are bound,

    And though you know you can’t step into the same river twice,

    Don’t mean you’re ever gonna quit tryin’.

    And maybe, well maybe, life’s meant to be crazy, sad and strange,

    Messed up and poorly planned, and the only one you’re ever gonna have.

    But sometimes, well sometimes, I get a little lucky, and something comes along,

    Like a short song about life, how life ain’t that long.

    A short one on life, how life ain’t that long

  • 05:10 Lyrics In Between Kingfish

    Kingfisher's Sam M. Walton will ‘splain you from his grave

    Just why he can’t be undersold

    He's was where I bought this brand new tent

    Run me less than one month's rent

    Or a-tenth the mortgage I used to owe

    That was 'til the paper was worth more than the house, and the bank said: “Go!"

    Still, winter and Fresno won't meet up again until sometime late Halloween

    But by then who knows just how bad things just might be

    So for now, like all these other families

    In all those other tents

    I just got caught up a little in between

    A little in between

    Folks say California’s a garden of Eden Abhez ‘Nature Boys’

    Clever as their tans, and beach-stoned to a man

    But here in this inland No-Town, lives remain

    ‘Bout as easy as fallin’ 'neath a train.

    Gov’ner closed New Jack City, but said we can move on up to his state fair 

    And his state cops can watch us closer there.

    Summer and Sacramento bake you drier than a stone

    200 miles north of all you had and all you’d known.

    Noiw you're strung out like a wire

    Hung from what your future was to wherever the hell your your future's gone,

    And you’re left hanging in between and on your own

    Forgotten and alone

    The Kingfish Huey P. Long sang there’s ‘nough for folks to share

    And if you all work hard, you can even be a millionaire

    They called him a demagogue, bolshevik, cracker and clown

    He sang “Every man a king but no man wears a crown”

    He built bridges and highways and the hospital at LSU

    That was 'til a doctor shot him in 1935 and he bled to death at the age of 42.

    Woody Guthrie and F.D.R.

    Sit with Sam and Huey in an abandoned car

    Behind a vacant Wal-Mart in a town like them that’s died.

    Huey strums Woodrow’s guitar

    And sings a song for working folks with kids who gotta live in their cars.

    Franklin whispers sweetly, “In this light, Samuel, you look just like Eleanor.”

    And Kingfisher’s Sam M. Walton can’t recall just what the hell his whole life was for,

    Although he’s sure it was gold

    Or maybe it was green

    Or maybe something in between

  • 06:26 Lyrics Yesterday's Wrong (Green)

    Once upon a time the time was now.

    And 'Yesterday' was just a popular song.

    Tomorrow and today feigned to get along.

    And then yesterday went wrong.

    Brightly shown the mise-en-scene.

    The earth and the air and the sun were green.

    And you knew that there was something you were gonna be

    And then, yesterday went wrong.

    Where you gonna go

    Once the world says, “Man, you no longer belong”?

    Where you gonna go

    Once yesterday’s wrong?


    It ain’t rained here in real real long.


    The earth’s parched in tomorrow’s heat.


    You’d drown at the bottom, but your well's run dry.

    Hearts are punished for each done good deed.

    Got to eat a frog, better swallow fast.

    Got to eat two? It’s the small one last.

    They’re all brightly colored as your checkered past

    And as poisonous as yesterday’s wrong.

    Where you gonna go

    Once your purpose has been scavenged by a murder of crows.

    Hope’s a magpie choking down stones.

    And yesterday’s wrong.

    Do the horrors around you no longer make you gasp?

    Does your reach no longer exceed your grasp?

    Do sorrow, shame and fear borrow to your core?

    Have they finally wrestled from you just what a heaven’s for?

    The future’s seared, furled,  gone,

    Lost to the wind like seed.

    But hope springs eternal for the beautiful,

    The powerful, the stupid, and effete.

    Green expatiates its own kind,

    Selling off the places a man could rest his mind.

    Man should have been blessed, now he’s lost and unkind,

    And his yesterday gone wrong.

    Where you gonna go

    Once the world says, “Man, you no longer belong”?

    Where you gonna go

    Once yesterday’s wrong?

  • 04:30 Lyrics What We Are

    Now that your world has gone turned inside out 

    And everything you hold true is plagued with doubt,

    If there’s still a place where life’s wrestled free from fear,

    And there’s a God who loves us,

    It ain’t here.

    Look, you and I both know that mistakes were made

    As the philosopher said even Emperors will,

    But it was telling the Emperor what kings just don’t want to hear

    That got the philosopher killed.

    When speaking lies is safer than speaking true,

    Listen friend. There’s something you can do

    Take your broken wooden heart

    And carve yourself a gypsy violin.

    Make it laugh just like a mother’s crying.

    Listen while it whispers ‘The world isn’t dying

    And tomorrow‘s really not that far.


    Tomorrow’s what we are’.

    Get in my car.  I’ll drive us down to Ancient Rome,

    54 AD.  Emperor Nero ‘s at home.

    At night in his garden, Christian torches* aglow

    He entertained the masses with a fiddle and a bow.

    And like the late Spade Cooley, he kicked his wife to death.

    He killed his brother and his mother, too.  It’s true.


    And before Rome knew what hit her, fires would grow.

    Tell me, does this sound like anyone you already know?

    Somewhere hope can’t hurt you, it only makes you strong. 

    Somewhere no one claims a thing’s right that’s just plain wrong.

    Somewhere men know we must walk awhile in another man’s shoes,

    And that a lie is a lie, and not ‘fake news’.

    The stones on your chest ain’t really new.

    These fallen seas around us can rise for me and for you.

    Take your broken wooden heart

    And carve yourself a gypsy violin.

    Make it laugh just like a mother’s crying.

    Listen while it whispers ‘The world isn’t dying

    And tomorrow‘s really not that far.


    Tomorrow’s what we are’.

  • 04:03 Lyrics Kerrville, O My Kerrville

    There must be a thousand tents in this makeshift east Texas city.

    Pitched among the wooded hills, the campfires light the night.

    And around each one, jaundiced writers wear guitars

    The way Christ would have born a cross, if he'd had a lot more pride.

    And me, I'm just looking for some water and some shade

    A half-baked cabellero

    What brought me to this strange ranchero.

    Let's be honest

    I want to be famous

    Extremely famous

    Let my hair grow long

    And stand naked in the sun

    My chest will shine like a shield

    I'll be a temple to myself

    Every women's desire

    Even more desired

    Than I'm admired

    And the men

    Respect and fear me

    Want my phone number

    Want to get to know me

    And become intimate as friends

    And have a body just like mine

    All glistening and wet

    Like overripe fruit

    Hey, look mom, I'm a vision

    Wait, wait, wait,

    Someone here actually thought of talking through this song

    I shoot a piercing glance and he bursts into flames

    And the audience cheers as they hang on my every word

    Hey, I've got to come back here next year

    Let's be honest

    I look great

    I feel great

    So tall and fine

    I tower over all the trees

    This back to nature stuff can just really clear your head

    And they're speaking in tongues

    And they're shouting my name along with names of the greats

    Like Bob Dylan And Woody Guthrie

    And John Prine and Tom Waits

    And Jacques Brel ...then there's a long list that follows

    And Martin Luther

    And Saint Augustine

    And Ghengus Khan

    And Moses

    And Christ, I don't know where my tent is

    And it looks like it's gonna rain

    Why did I bring all this shit from the city

    Just to have a flood wash it away

    I'll probably sun stroke in the morning

    After not having slept all night

    But that guy who's playing

    His song is amazing

    Maybe it in't gonna pour

    Maybe, just maybe,

    This place is alright.