In Between Kingfish

Rich Krueger
Rich Krueger


Kingfisher's Sam M. Walton will ‘splain you from his grave

Just why he can’t be undersold

He's was where I bought this brand new tent

Run me less than one month's rent

Or a-tenth the mortgage I used to owe

That was 'til the paper was worth more than the house, and the bank said: “Go!"

Still, winter and Fresno won't meet up again until sometime late Halloween

But by then who knows just how bad things just might be

So for now, like all these other families

In all those other tents

I just got caught up a little in between

A little in between

Folks say California’s a garden of Eden Abhez ‘Nature Boys’

Clever as their tans, and beach-stoned to a man

But here in this inland No-Town, lives remain

‘Bout as easy as fallin’ 'neath a train.

Gov’ner closed New Jack City, but said we can move on up to his state fair 

And his state cops can watch us closer there.

Summer and Sacramento bake you drier than a stone

200 miles north of all you had and all you’d known.

Noiw you're strung out like a wire

Hung from what your future was to wherever the hell your your future's gone,

And you’re left hanging in between and on your own

Forgotten and alone

The Kingfish Huey P. Long sang there’s ‘nough for folks to share

And if you all work hard, you can even be a millionaire

They called him a demagogue, bolshevik, cracker and clown

He sang “Every man a king but no man wears a crown”

He built bridges and highways and the hospital at LSU

That was 'til a doctor shot him in 1935 and he bled to death at the age of 42.

Woody Guthrie and F.D.R.

Sit with Sam and Huey in an abandoned car

Behind a vacant Wal-Mart in a town like them that’s died.

Huey strums Woodrow’s guitar

And sings a song for working folks with kids who gotta live in their cars.

Franklin whispers sweetly, “In this light, Samuel, you look just like Eleanor.”

And Kingfisher’s Sam M. Walton can’t recall just what the hell his whole life was for,

Although he’s sure it was gold

Or maybe it was green

Or maybe something in between