What Is It That You Want?

Rich Krueger
Rich Krueger


What is it that you want

This time?

Can you put it into words?

Would you know it if it bit you?

Could you wrap your fingers around

Those dreams that are put there to kill you?

Tomorrow’s lying face down in the road

Congratulations! You’re our one millionth new Tom Joad.

But if you don't believe what’s just been said

This is a wake-up call

But are you already dead?

Listen up Brothers and Sisters

What is it that you want?

What is it that you want?

Yes you.

Face facts

You better fucking think this through.

But you don’t know what you want, do you?

Here’s a mirror.  Tell the truth.

You laugh. You smile. But you’re just a liar

You're blowing smoke but without the fire

You say you can live without desire?

Can you name anyone else who would even want to?

Can I get a witness brothers and sisters?

What is it that you what?

Is it a brand new car?

A brand new wife?

A good night’s sleep?

A decent life?

To die in your own bed with your loved one’s near?

Your soul to keep?

Or just one more year?

Do you want to sing to hear to see

To walk to talk to live to breathe

To know deep in your soul

That you were once worth something to someone

That you ain’t yet died inside

That your ship ain't sailed its last time

And when it all finally slips away

That your life has been one hell of a stay

Testify for me Brothers and Sisters

What is it that you what?