The 500ish


Ok this is a bit much but here it is. 

Everybody is making lists these days. 

I like music lists. Always have and always will. 

This list is not definitive but it is rather long. 

This is not a best of list in any way. 

This is a list of 500 albums that if I did not hear, and hear over and over again, I don't think I would have been a songwriter. 

Just a couple of things about this list: 

1.  I have listened to each of these albums dozens if not thousands of times 
2.  If asked (don't ask) I could describe why this album is on the list, probably where I was the first time I heard it, and to some degree why is belongs here.  Nothing is here just because it hip or something.  So just so you know I love listening to Trout Mask Replica and Moray Eel.  Love them.  And I love Lou Reed, but Metal Machine Music is NOT on this list because although I owe a copy I have never been able to listen to it. 
3.  There is an accompanying Spotify playlist which contains a song from each of the records if the album is on Spotify.  The song on the playlist is certainly a favorite and a song that contributed to me moving along as a writer.  
4.   If an artist has many albums on the list, well the reason is probably obvious – that artist was key to me 
5.  The order here matters little.  
6.  I spent more time on this than I intended to.  It is a fairly considered list.  By making it long I didn’t have to cull it much. 
7.  If you have thoughts about this list…feel free to share them with me.  Maybe I’ll comment back.  We’ll see. 
8.  My own albums are not on this list for obvious reasons.  But lotsa my friend's records are.
9.  Enjoy? 


1                   A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 

2                   Alfred Deller Three Ravens /Waggle Taggle Gypsies Folk Songs 

3                   Almanac Singers Talking Union 

4                   Andrew Calhoun Hope 

5                   Andrew Calhoun The Gates of Love 

6                   Anthony Newley Who Can I Turn To? 

7                   Arlo Guthrie Amigo 

8                   Ars Antiqua Konrad Ruhland (not on Spotify  but I added a track that was) 

9                   Art Laboe’s Oldies But Goodies albums all 14 volumes 

10                 Barbara Streisand Debut 

11                 Bascom Lamar Lunsford Smoky Mt Ballads 

12                 BB King Live at Cook County Jail 

13                 Beach Boys Greatest Hits 

14                 Bedazzled Soundtrack 

15                 Belle and Sebastian If You’re Feeling Sinister 

16                 Bessie Smith Columbia Complete Collection 

17                 Betty Hutton Somebody Loves Me 

18                 Biff Rose Thorn in Mrs Roses Side 

19                 Billie Holiday Complete Commodore Recordings 

20                 Billy Bragg Brewing Up With Billy Bragg 

21                 Billy Bragg Don’t Try this at Home 

22                 Billy Bragg Life’s Riot with Spy v Spy 

23                 Billy Bragg Mermaid Avenue V1 & 2 

24                 Billy Bragg Talking to the Taxman about Poetry 

25                 Billy Joel Turnstyles 

26                 Billy Jonas Life So Far 

27                 Billy Murray and Ada Jones Tin Foil Recordings 

28                 Bix Beiderbecke Compilation 

29                 Blind Blake (The Calypso one) 

30                 Blind Lemon Jefferson Classic Sides 

31                 Blind Willie Johnson Dark Was The Night 

32                 Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues 

33                 Bob Dylan A variety of early bootlegs 

34                 Bob Dylan and the Band Basement Tapes 

35                 Bob Dylan Another Side of 

36                 Bob Dylan Blonde in Blonde 

37                 Bob Dylan Blood in the Tracks 

38                 Bob Dylan Bringing it All Back Home 

39                 Bob Dylan Desire 

40                 Bob Dylan Freewheeling 

41                 Bob Dylan Highway Revisited 

42                 Bob Dylan Times They Are A’Changing 

43                 Bob Marley and The Wailers Live 

44                 Bobbie Darin That’s All 

45                 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Gorilla 

46                 Box Scaggs Silk Degrees 

47                 Brian Belknap Lucky Me 

48                 Bruce Springsteen A live bootleg from the Darkness tour at Winterland 

49                 Bruce Springsteen Born to Run 

50                 Bruce Springsteen Nebraska 

51                 Bruce Springsteen The Wild The Innocent and E Street Shuffle 

52                 Buck Owens My Heart Skips a Beat 

53                 Buddy Guy Complete Vanguard Recordings 

54                 Buddy Holly Gold 

55                 Burt Bacharach Look of Love Collection 

56                 Captain Beefheart Doc at The Radar Station 

57                 Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk 

58                 Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica (not on Spotify by I put a lo-di live version of Moonlight in Vermont on Spotify)

59                 Casablanca Soundtrack 

60                 Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman 

61                 Charlie Patton King of the Delta Blues 

62                 Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight 

63                 Chet Atkins Class Guitar 

64                 Chris Farrell Night Ballads (not on Spotify) 

65                 Chuck Berry The Great Twenty-Eight

66                 Cliff “Ukelele Ike” Edwards Singing in the Rain 

67                 Clodagh Rodgers Rodgers and Heart (Not on Spotify) 

68                 Comedian Harmonists Best of 

69                 Counting Crows August and Everything After 

70                 Credence Clearwater Revival Cosmos Factory 

71                 Crystals He's a Rebel 

72                 The Cure Wish 

73                 Daniel Johnson Welcome to my world 

74                 Dave Van Ronk Van Ronk 

75                 David Ackels Debut 

76                 David Bowie Aladdin Sane 

77                 David Bowie Heroes 

78                 David Bowie Hunky Dory 

79                 David Bowie Young Americans 

80                 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust 

81                 David Johansen David Johansen 

82                 David Johansen David Johansen 

83                 David Massengill First Tape 

84                 De Wolfe Music Presents Monty Python’s Flying Circus (the incidental music) 

85                 Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegtables 

86                 Dean Martin Capitols Collection 

87                 Derrick and Clive Live 

88                 Desmond Dekker This is Desmond Dekker 

89                 Devo Are We Not Men? 

90                 Dinah Washington September in the Rain 

91                 Dion Best of 

92                 Dire straits Making Movies 

93                 Disney Classics 

94                 Disney's Pecos Bill LP With Roy Rogers and Sons of the Pioneers 

95                 Dolly Parton Ultimate Collection 

96                 Don McLean American Pie 

97                 Don Williams 20th Century Masters 

98                 Donovan What Bin Did 

99                 Dwain Story Private Tape (I have included a version of Wendigo I found on Spotify) 

100              Edith Piaf Best of 

101              Elton John Honky Chateau 

102              Elton John Honky Yellow Brick Road 

103              Elvis Costello Almost Blue 

104              Elvis Costello Armed Forces 

105              Elvis Costello Blood and Chocolate 

106              Elvis Costello Delivery Man 

107              Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom 

108              Elvis Costello My Aim is True 

109              Elvis Costello Spike 

110              Elvis Costello This Year’s Model 

111              Elvis Costello Trust 

112              Elvis Costello Get Happy 

113              Elvis Presley Elvis in Memphis 

114              Elvis Presley Elvis Presley 

115              Elvis Presley Sun Sessions 

116              Emily Kaitz Middle Age Rock and Rollers are So Damn Cute 

117              Every Bros Best of 

118              Fairport Convention Unnhalfbricking 

119              Femmes de Paris -  Ye Ye Girls Collection 

120              Fiddler on the Roof 

121              Flanders and Swann At The Drop Of A Hat 

122              Flatt and Scruggs Story of Bonnie and Clyde 

123              Flying Burrito Bros Gilded Palace of Sin 

124              Folkways Classic Folk Music Anthoiogy 

125              Follies 

126              Frank Sinatra Strangers in the night 

127              Frank Sinatra Wee Small hours 

128              Frank Zappa Hot Rats 

129              Frankie Lane Call of the Wild 

130              Fred Holstein - Live (Not on Spotify) 

131              Funny Girl 

132              Gang of Four Entertainment 

133              Gene Pitney Best of 

134              Geoff Muldour- Futaristic Ensemble Private Astronomy 

135              George Formby Best of 

136              George Harrison All Things Must Pass 

137              George Jones Songbook 

138              Glen Campbell The Capitol Years 

139              Godspell 

140              Gracie Fields Best of 

141              Graham Parker and The Rumor Heat Treatment 

142              Graham Parker and The Rumor Howlin Wind 

143              Graham Parker and The Rumor Squeezing Out Sparks 

144              Graham Parker and The Rumor The Pink Parker 

145              Gypsy 

146              Hair 

147              Hank Williams MGM Collection 

148              Harry Nilsson Nilsson Sings Randy Newman 

149              Hello Dolly -Movie soundtrack 

150              Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream and other delights 

151              Herman’s Hermits Retrospective 

152              Holy Modal Rounders Have Moicy 

153              Holy Modal Rounders HMR 1 & 2 

154              Holy Modal Rounders The Moray Eel Eats the Holy Modal Rounders 

155              Holy Modal Rounders Too Much Fun 

156              Homer and Jethro American Song Butchers 

157              Howlin Wolf Chess Collection 

158              Hugh Blumenfeld Strong in Spirit 

159              Humphrey Littleton Bad Penny Blues 

160              Ian Hunter You Are Never Alone with a Schizophrenic 

161              International Submarine Band Safe at Home 

162              It's a Small World - Songs from around the world Disneyland Boys Choir (not on Spotify) 

163              Ivor Cutler Essential masters 

164              Jack Hardy Civil Wars 

165              Jack Hardy The Passing 

166              Jackson Browne For Everyman 

167              Jackson Browne Running on Empty 

168              Jackson Browne The Pretender 

169              Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (OCR) 

170              Jacques Brel Olympia Live ‘61 

171              Jacques Brel Olympia Live ‘64 

172              James Browne Live at The Apollo 

173              James Browne 20th Century Masters 

174              James McCandless Out West Somewhere 

175              James McCandless Sea of Freedom 

176              James Taylor James Taylor 

177              James Taylor Sweet Baby James 

178              Jean Redpath Songs of Robbie Burns 

179              Jeffrey Lewis City and Eastern Songs 

180              Jeffrey Lewis Last Time I did Acid I went Insane 

181              Jerry Lee Lewis Live in Hamburg 

182              Jesus Christ Superstar 

183              Jim Croce I’ve Got a Name 

184              Jim Croce Life and Times 

185              Jim Croce You Don’t Mess around with Jim 

186              Jimmie Rogers Complete 

187              Jimmy Cliff  20th Century Masters 

188              Jimmy Cliff  The Harder They Come Soundtrack 

189              Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust 

190              Joanna Newsome The Milk-Eyed Mender (not on Spotify) 

191              Joe Jackson Look Sharp 

192              John Cage Indeterminacy 

193              John Cale Fear 

194              John Denver Rocky Mountain High 

195              John Fahey Blind Joe Death 

196              John Jacob Niles Folk Love Songs 

197              John Lennon Plastic Ono Band 

198              John McCormack Sings 

199              John Prine Diamonds in the Rough 

200              John Prine John Prine 

201              John Prine John Prine Live 

202              John Prine Sweet Revenge 

203              Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison 

204              Johnny Cash Sun Sessions 

205              Johnny Ray Most Requested Songs 

206              Johnny Rivers Greatest Hits 

207              Johnny Rivers Touch of Gold 

208              Jonathan Edwards Debut 

209              Jonathan Richman Back in Your Life 

210              Jonathan Richman Jonathan Sings 

211              Jonathan Richman Modern Lovers 

212              Joni Mitchell Blue 

213              Joni Mitchell Clouds 

214              Joni Mitchell Court and Spark 

215              Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 

216              Judy Collins In My Life 

217              Judy Collins Who Knows where the time goes 

218              Jug band anthology 

219              Junior Wells Hoo Doo Man Blues 

220              Kate and Anna McGarrigle Dancer with Bruised Knees 

221              Kate and Anna McGarrigle Kate and Anna McGarrigle 

222              Kay Starr Collector's Series 

223              Kiss Me Kate 

224              Knickerbocker Holiday 

225              Knob Lick Upper 10000, Debut (Not on Spotify) 

226              Kurt Elling Close your Eyes 

227              Kurt Elling Folk Song Demos (not on Spotify) 

228              LeadBelly Library of Congress Recording 

229              Lennie Bruce The Carnegie Hall Concert 

230              Leonard Cohen New Skin for the Ceremony 

231              Leonard Cohen Songs 

232              Leonard Cohen Songs of love and hate 

233              Limeliters Tonight In Person 

234              Little Richard The Georgia Peach 

235              Little Walter Chess Anthology 

236              Lonnie Donegan Rock Island Line (Anthology) 

237              Loretta Lynn 20th Century Masters 

238              Lou Reed and John Cale Songs for Drella 

239              Lou Reed Berlin 

240              Lou Reed Blue Mask 

241              Lou Reed New York 

242              Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal 

243              Lou Reed Street Hassle

244              Lou Reed The Bells 

245              Loudon Wainwright III Attempted Mustache 

246              Louis Armstrong Complete Hot Fives and Sevens 

247              Louis Jordan Anthology 

248              Louis Prima The Wildest 

249              Louvin Bros Satan is Real 

250              Lulu To Sir with Love 

251              M Ward End of Amnesia 

252              Marianne Faithful Broken English 

253              Mary Gauthier Drunk Queens in Limousines 

254              MC5 Back in the USA 

255              Melanie Best Of 

256              Merle Haggard Anthology 

257              Michael Hurley Long Journey 

258              Michael Hurley Watertower 

259              Michael Nesmith Essentials 

260              Michael Smith Love Stories 

261              Mississippi John Hurt Avalon Blues 

262              Mississippi Sheiks anthology 

263              Moe Bandy Bandy the Rodeo Clown 

264              Monty Python Sings 

265              Mose Allison Best of 

266              Mothers of Invention Uncle Meat 

267              Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes 

268              Mott the Hoople Mott 

269              Muddy Waters - Chess Anthology 

270              My Fair Lady OCR 

271              Nat king Cole Songbook 

272              Neil Young After the Gold Rush 

273              Neil Young Everyone Knows This is Nowhere 

274              Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps 

275              Neil Young Tonight’s the Night 

276              Neutral Milk Hotel In an Aeroplane over the sea 

277              Nick Drake Five Leaves Left 

278              Nick Lowe Jesus of Cool 

279              Nick Lowe Labour of Lust 

280              Nico Chelsea Girl 

281              Nina Simone Best of 

282              Original Nuggets album curated by Lennie Kaye

283              Otis Redding Anthology 

284              Patsy Cline Debut 

285              Patti Smith Group Easter 

286              Patti Smith Group Horses 

287              Paul Kotheimer Songs about Everything 1-50 

288              Paul Kotheimer Songs about Everything 51-100 

289              Paul McCartney Band on the Run 

290              Paul McCartney Paul McCartney 

291              Paul Simon Hearts and Bones 

292              Paul Simon Graceland 

293              Paul Simon There Goes Rhyming Simon 

294              Paul Simon Paul Simon 

295              Pete Seeger Carnegie Hall Concert 

296              Peter Paul and Mary Debut 

297              Peter Stampfel You Must Remember This 

298              Petula Clark Greatest Hits 

299              Phil Ochs Anthology 

300              Phil Spector Christmas Album 

301              Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 

302              Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 

303              Public Image Ltd Second Edition 

304              R Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders Chasin’ Rainbows 

305              R Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders Singing in the Bathtub 

306              R.E.M. Automatic for the People 

307              R.E.M. Document 

308              R.E.M. Murmur 

309              Ramones End of the Century 

310              Ramones Ramones 

311              Ramones Rocket to Russia 

312              Randy Newman Good Old Boys 

313              Randy Newman Sail Away 

314              Randy Newman 12 Songs 

315              Ray Charles What’d I Say 

316              Rev Gary Davis Harlem Street Singer 

317              Rhino Punk Anthology 

318              Richard and Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey 

319              Richard and Linda Thompson I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight 

320              Richard and Linda Thompson Pour Down Like Silver 

321              Richard and Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights 

322              Richard Shindell Sparrows Point 

323              Richard Thompson Hand of Kindness 

324              Richard Thompson Mock Tudor 

325              Richard Thompson Rumor and Sigh 

326              Ricki Lee Jones Pirates 

327              Ricki Lee Jones Ricki Lee Jones 

328              Rilo Kiley Execution of All Things 

329              Ritchie havens High Flying Bird 

330              Robbie Fulks 13 Hillbilly Giants 

331              Robbie Fulks Country Love Songs 

332              Robbie Fulks Georgia Hard 

333              Robbie Fulks Let’s Kill Saturday night 

334              Robbie Fulks South Mouth 

335              Robbie Fulks Upland Stories 

336              Robbie Fulks Very Best of 

337              Robert Johnson’s Complete Recordings 

338              Roberta Flack First Take 

339              Rolling Stones Aftermath 

340              Rolling Stones Beggar’s Banquet 

341              Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 

342              Rolling Stones High Tides and Green Grass 

343              Rolling Stones  Tattoo You

344              Rolling Stones Some Girls 

345              Ross Berman IV Folk City Hustle (not on Spotify but its on bandcamp) 

346              Roxy Music Siren 

347              Roy Orbison Monument Singles 

348              Roger MIller Greatest Hits

349              Ry Cooder Chicken Skin Music 

350              Ry Cooper Paradise and Lunch 

351              Sam Cooke Best of 

352              Secret Museum of Mankind especially V4 

353              Serges Gainbourg Monsieur Gainsbourg Orginals 

354              Sergio Mendes and Brazil ‘66 Debut 

355              Shel Silverstein Anthology 

356              Simon and Garfunkel Bookends 

357              Simon and Garfunkel Bridge over Troubled Water 

358              Simon and Garfunkel Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme 

359              Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence 

360              Skiffle Anthology 

361              Skip James Hard Time Killing Floor 

362              Smiths Louder than Bombs 

363              Songs of World War One 

364              Songs That Got Us Through World War Two

365              Sonny Boy Williamson II Chess Masters 

366              Spanky and our Gang Greatest Hits 

367              Stampfel & Weber Goin’ Nowhere Fast 

368              Stan Getz Getz and Gilberto 

369              Steely Dan Aja 

370              Steely Dan Katy Lied 

371              Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 

372              Steve Forbert Alive On Arrival 

373              Steve Forbert The American in Me 

374              Steve Goodman Somebody Else’s Trouble 

375              Steve Goodman Steve Goodman 

376              Sweeney Todd 

377              Talking Heads ‘77 

378              Talking Heads Fear of Music 

379              Television Marquee Moon 

380              Tex Beneke Miller Mood 

381              The Andrew Sisters Complete 

382              The Animals Respective 

383              The Badmen Time life LP (I found one song by Pete Seeger which was like a track on it) 

384              The Band Music From Big Pink 

385              The Beatles Abbey Road 

386              The Beatles Meet The Beatles 

387              The Beatles Revolver 

388              The Beatles Rubber Soul 

389              The Beatles White Album 

390              The Byrds Mr Tambourine Man 

391              The Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo 

392              The Carter Family Complete 

393              The Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem A Spontaneous Performance 

394              The Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem Live at Carnegie Hall 

395              The Clash Give ‘em Enough Rope 

396              The Clash London Calling 

397              The Clash The Clash 

398              The Drifters Best of 

399              The Faces Ooh La La 

400              The Fantasticks 

401              The Farmers The Red Blue and Yellow tapes (Not on Spotify) 

402              The Fugs First Album 

403              The Fugs It Crawled into my Hand Honest 

404              The Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music 

405              The Impressions Best of 

406              The Ink Spots Best Of 

407              The Jam All Mod Cons 

408              The Jam The Gift 

409              The Kinks Arthur 

410              The Kinks Kinda Kinks 

411              The Kinks Lola Vs The Powerman and the Money go Round 

412              The Kinks Misfits 

413              The Kinks Muswell Hillbillies 

414              The Kinks Something Else 

415              The Kinks The Kinks 

416              The Kinks The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 

417              The Mills Brothers Best of 

418              The Monkees Debut 

419              The Mountain Goats All Hail West Texas 

420              The New York Dolls The New York Dolls 

421              The New York Dolls too much too soon 

422              The Persuasions Chirpin’ 

423              The Pogues If I should fall from Grace with God 

424              The Pogues Poguetry in Motion 

425              The Pogues Red Roses for You 

426              The Pogues Rum Sodomy and the Lash 

427              The Prince Myshkins Shiny Round Object (not on Spotify but I found a song from the CD on Spotify) 

428              The Prince Myshkins Total Myshkins Awareness (not on Spotify) 

429              The Producers – The movie soundtrack 

430              The Raincoats The Raincoats 

431              The Rascals Time Peace 

432              The Roches Debut 

433              The Seekers debut 

434              The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks

435              The Slits Cut 

436              The Soul Stirrers anthology 

437              The Specials The Specials 

438              The Stooges Fun House 

439              The Stooges The Stooges 

440              Blood Sweat and Tears Blood Sweat and Tears 

441              The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground 

442              The Velvet Underground Loaded 

443              The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground and Nico 

444              The Velvet Underground White Light White heat 

445              The Washington Squares The Washington Squares 

446              The Weavers at Carnegie Hall 

447              The Who My Generation 

448              The Who The Kids are Alright soundtrack 

449              The Who Who’s Next 

450              The Yardbirds Five Live Yardbirds 

451              The Zombies Odessey and Oracle 

452              Them Story of Them 

453              They Might Be Giants Flood 

454              They Might Be Giants Lincoln 

455              Those 3 LP Motown anthologies – Marvin Gaye, Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Temps, Supremes, Junior Walker, Martha and the Vandellas, etc 

456              Three Penny Opera 

457              Tom Jones Along Came Tom Jones 

458              Tom Lehrer An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer 

459              Tom Lehrer Songs by Tom Lehrer

460              Tom Lehrer That Was The Year That Was 

461              Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedos 

462              Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 

463              Tom Robinson band TRB 

464              Tom Rush The Circle Game 

465              Tom T Hall Greatest Hits 

466              Tom Waits Bone Machine 

467              Tom Waits Closing time 

468              Tom Waits Mule Variations 

469              Tom Waits Night Hawks at the Diner 

470              Tom Waits Orphans 

471              Tom Waits Raindogs 

472              Tom Waits Small Change 

473              Tom Waits The Black Rider 

474              Toots and The Maytals Funky Kingston 

475              Trout Fishing in America Over The Limit 

476              Urinetown The musical OCR 

477              Van Morrison /The Chieftains Irish Heartbeat 

478              Van Morrison Astral Weeks 

479              Van Morrison Into the mystic 

480              Van Morrison Moondance 

481              Van Morrison Veedun Fleece 

482              Van Morrison Wavelength 

483              Vernon Tonges Journey Through Obscurity (his first three tapes) not yet on Spotify but soon 

484              Vintage Children's Songs (this album isn't on spotify but I added a track that was - Run Rabbit Run) 

485              Vintage Japanese Pop 1950-1951 

486              Warren Zevon Excitable Boy 

487              Warren Zevon Warren Zevon 

488              Waylon Jennings Ol Waylon 

489              Waylon Jennings Waylon and Willie 

490              Weird Al Yankovich The Essential 

491              West Side Story 

492              Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger 

493              Willie Nelson Stardust 

494              Wilmoth Houdini Poor but Ambitious 

495              Woodstock triple album 

496              Woody Guthrie Dust Bowl Ballads 

497              Woody Guthrie Library of Congress recording 

498              X-Ray Spex Debut 

499              Yankee Doodle Dandy 

500              Young Marble Giants Young Marble Giants

Of couse Ill add more as I realize I forgot something

501               Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright

502              The Rolling Stones Second LP

503               Performance movie soundtrack

504.             Aretha Franklin Lady Soul

505              Bobby “Blue” Bland Two Steps from the Blues

506              Al Green Let’s Stay Together

507               O’Jays Backstabbers

508               Wild Tchoupitoulas Debut

509               Arthur Alexander You Better Move On

510                Tom Paxton Ramblin’ Boy