The Singing Doctor

Why should anyone pay attention to Richard Krueger?

"Because he's one of the greatest songwriters ever to make long-playing records.  It's as simple as that...He says something" - Robert Christgau

NEWS  [August 2021]

Update 8/22/21: Thank you for the amazing response to the CBS Sunday Morning show!!!! We are hustling to respond to all your emails and feedback. -Team RK

CBS Sunday Morning Feature:



1.  The CBS Sunday Morning broadcast featuring Rich Krueger The Singing Doctor on August 22 at 9:00 am (EST) is here.

2. An extra feature with Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau discussing my work, not included in the original broadcast can be seen here  

3.  We have posted the full show from The Bitter End in 9/19 included in the segment here.

4. Marlow FM 107.5 (UK) did a two-hour feature with Rich Krueger on the show, "My Musical Milestone" with radio presenter, Paul Mansell on May 6, 2021. You can check it out here!

5.  Rich's newest album 'The Troth Sessions', a wonderful collection of demos from 2002. The great reviews are pouring in and it is getting airplay around the world!  The album is available everywhere on all major streaming platforms.  Physical CDs can also be purchased on the music page (shown in the menu options).

 5.  Older recordings of Rich Krueger's previous band, The Dysfunctionells, as well as records by Rich's partner in the band, Burnin' Vernon Tonges, are being mastered and are coming out on all streaming services (including on Bandcamp). This includes the live record "Not in Our Wildest Dreams" with their "hero", Peter Stampfel, which is already out now on Don GIovanni Records.  This record is a must hear - trust me!

6.  CDs are available for sale (signed copies if desired).  You can order here!, or ...  Just send me an email asking for a title, with your email AND snail mail address.  You can use Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle for payment.  All titles are $15 plus $4 shipping in the US (shipping outside of the US varies).  An autograph is always free if you want one!  If your order is to be shipped outside of the USA, please include your phone number for the customs forms.

6. Take a peek at Rick Krueger's series of home videos called 'At Home with Rich Krueger' or link to Rich Krueger's channel on YouTube. 


Here is what some industry professionals are saying about Rich:

“I can’t remember the last time I said yes to a song out loud in its first three seconds. In the instant when I realized that Krueger was something different, I also felt as if I’d been listening to this song for half my life. Krueger catches the feel, the cadence, of ordinary talk as he jumps the waves in the sound. He’s rushing inside the music that never hurries as if for him time’s running out but the music knows the place never closes. ‘It’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock ’n’ roll’ except he’s trying to tell you about this bar. You believe him, you want to be there. He sounds like he’s been all around the world without ever leaving home.” - Greil Marcus Rolling Stone 

“TWO FULL A grades! Here be a literary songwriter of the first rank. A major songwriter. Thanks for making music that still makes reviewing albums worth it.”

- Robert Christgau, THE Dean of American Rock Critics Expert Witness Noisey (VICE)(& a personal phone call from Mr. Christgau  WOW.)

"It’s his quavering, compassionate, observant, imaginative, sometimes overstuffed, always eloquent songwriting that his crack bands are there to put across, as they do, unfailingly. " - Robert Christgau, THE Dean of American Rock Critics in The Village Voice

“Staggering yet often surreal stories...articulate lyrics coupled to heavyweight tunes make this a joy.  The new Randy Newman? - Tony Ives,

"Rich Krueger is a great storyteller.  His songs shine a vivid, biting, surprising, sometimes hilarious, and always insightful light on the misery and beauty of being alive.  I've been a fan of Rich since sharing a stage with him at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap in the late 80s in Chicago.  With NOWThen, Rich adds to an already powerful body of work I've been lucky to enjoy all these years."-Greg Kotis, author of “Urinetown The Musical

“So good I wanna punch him in the nose.  See him. You have no excuse. You must see him.”- Jeremy Kareken, author of the play “Lifespan of a Fact”

“Razor sharp observation...his words spill out - almost a screenplay in incredibly talented maverick”- Paul Kerr, Blabber ‘n’ Smoke (Glasgow)

"I'm loving Rich Krueger's new CD, NowThen. He is so deserving of all the success he has been receiving! Way forward Rich!" - Melanie (Safka), singer-songwriter and legend

"Homeric" - Mary Gauthier, singer-songwriter

"Krueger reaches way down and creates his own musical paths, song after song. Paths which suck you into an altered universe in which you get lost in other people's problems and successes for a change. So damn good. ...maybe perfect music for the moment. Rich Krueger, where have you been hiding?" - Frank Gutch, No Depression The Journal of Roots Music

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