The Singing Doctor 

Why should anyone pay attention to Richard Krueger? 

"Because he's one of the greatest songwriters ever to make long-playing records.  It's as simple as that...He says something" - Robert Christgau

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BIG NEWS! Notes by Rich Krueger

CBS SUNDAY MORNING began doing a piece on me and my songs and my work as a Neonatologist in September of 2019. 

Update 8/22/21: Thank you for the amazing response to the CBS Sunday Morning show!!!! We are hustling to respond to all your emails and feedback. -Team RK 

The CBS Sunday Morning show featured Rich Krueger The Singing Doctor on August 22 at 9:00 am (EST). An extra feature with Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau discussing my work, not included in the original broadcast can be seen here.    We have posted the full show from The Bitter End in 9/19 included in the segment.

My newest album 'The Troth Sessions', a collection of demos from 2002, IS AVAILABLE! The two singles 'True True Love' and 'The One You Love' should be on streaming platforms on 8/14. 

My albums are now on BUT BUT BUT CDBaby is no longer a retail store, and for some reason, new copies of my two previous CDs are on amazon for $35 (why?)  I am going to try to sell the damn CDs through my own store. Go to my Music page to buy direct (and less expensive than Amazon). 

Previous News

My first UK tour was a huge success! 

Life Aint That Long & NOWThen have made numerous "Best of 2018" lists.

We even made the top 14 songs on the prestigious Robert Christgau's 2018 Dean List And not only once but TWICE! We are #6 & #14. Wow! 

"Kenny's (It's Always Christmas in the Bar)" was written up by THE Greil Marcus in Rolling Stone Magazine.

"I can’t remember the last time I said yes to a song out loud in its first three seconds. In the instant when I realized that Krueger ... was something different, I also felt as if I’d been listening to this song half my life.

Tons of new reviews here! 

NOWThen is available (Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, etc.) everywhere including here!

The "Kenny's (It's Always Christmas in the Bar)" music video was premiered on Americana-UK, and was broadcast on DittyTV!  You can see that video and the video of the song "Don" on Youtube.

New rave reviews are coming in fast and furious, including in NOISEY (VICE) & NO DEPRESSION ROOTS MAGAZINE!  THIS JUST IN A HUGE RAVE of NOWThen FROM THE ROBERT CHRISTGAU!

   -Release date information here on the album and singles 

   -Download the Press Release 

   -Download information on musicians on this album! 

   -Download Rich Krueger Band and Solo tour schedule! 

*I was a WINNER of the 2018 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition in Kerrville TX.  Out of of 32 finalists chosen from over 600 songwriters submitting an entry from around the world, I was chosen as one of the six winners. The Kerrville New Folk Winners 9 date Tour begins at Poor David's Pub in Dallas on November 2, 2018.

*THE Dean of American Rock Critics, Robert Christgau, has given Life Aint That Long an "A" rating. Read Robert Christgau on "Rich Krueger's Wince-Inducing Brilliance".

*Life Aint That Long, Rich Krueger's acclaimed debut full-length is available physically at gigs, on Amazon, on CDBaby, and at Val's Halla Records in Oak Park IL and at Reckless Records in Chicago IL. It is digitally available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, CDBaby, and many other fine sources of digital downloads. *You may also order one on line by emailing me at with your shipping address, and we can set up payment through paypal ($20, i.e. $15 for the CD plus $5 shipping and handling).

*Loads of airplay already across the globe!

*New rave reviews are coming in fast and furious, including in NOISEY (VICE) & NO DEPRESSION ROOTS MAGAZINE!

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