The Troth Sessions

Rich Krueger

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These are a collection of acoustic solo demos recorded in 2002. The impetus for recording was to produce a demo of "The Ballad of Mary O'Connor" for its authors, Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis. They had written the song for an article in The New York Times Magazine (11/11/ 2001) entitled "Songs for the City", featuring songs about 9/11. Lou Reed and Run DMC also contributed songs to that article. On the first anniversary of 9/11, J Dakota Powell produced an event in NYC called "Brave New World: American Theater's Response to 9/11". The big nights were at Town Hall. As their show "Urinetown the Musical" was still running and A HIT, Mark & Greg were asked to contribute their song. They called me up to ask if I’d like to perform it at Town Hall. I recorded the demo to give them an “out” in case I missed the mark. Apparently I hadn’t. The other songs here were recorded as I hadn’t yet demoed them & for the first time ever I was in an actual professional recording studio & hey why the hell not, eh?

All songs were written performed and produced by rich krueger except “the ballad of mary o’connor” music and lyric by greg kotis and mark hollmann with additional lyric by rich krueger ASCAP, and “there’s a wideness in God’s mercy” music by rich krueger and lyric by frederick william faber (1814-1863) BMI an unnecessary art production® 2020 rockinK music®

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