1. Amazing

From the recording The Troth Sessions

Recorded 10-14-02. Written for the Hermes' wedding (1992?). Yet another beginning. Reflections on my own wedding in the same u of c chapel in 1985. Written entirely while on-call as a pediatric resident the night before the wedding in the basement chapel at Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago.


For Scott and Wendy Hermes on their wedding day
I find this amazing
I do
To look out on all these honored guests
The last time I came here
I wore a look of panic and a flower on my chest
Let me show you the pictures
Of my brother laughing
And your father staring
As he walked you toward me
And your hands were trembling
And somehow
You're still here with me

Well I guess it took
And it took about an hour
And the hour passed in a moment
And at this moment I'm being haunted by every detail
I swear by these ghosts
They've a flair for dramatics
You'll find you're down on a knee
Holding a hand
And thinking "Carpe Diem"
And then asking 'Won't you stay with me?
I'll love you forever won't you please stay with me?"

And the best of luck
Now that everything is changed
And if you two don't feel any different right now
Hey that's okay
You're never alone
And though you're probably stunned
The one thing I can tell you is
This is the hardest thing you two have ever begun
You'll find this amazing
I'll love you forever
Hope this stays with you forever too
-November 1991