It’s his quavering, compassionate, observant, imaginative, sometimes overstuffed, always eloquent songwriting that his crack bands are there to put across, as they do, unfailingly. " READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>” - Robert Christgau

VIllage Voice

Real Life Rock Top Ten A look back at some of the notable — and lackluster — pop culture moments of the past few months By I can’t remember the last time I said yes to a song out loud in its first three seconds. In the instant when I realized that Krueger — a neonatologist at the University of Chicago — was something different, I also felt as if I’d been listening to this song half my life. Krueger catches the feel, the cadence, of ordinary talk as he jumps the waves in the sound. He’s rushing inside music that never hurries, as if for him time’s running out but the music knows the place never closes. “It’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock ’n’ roll” except he’s trying to tell you about this bar. You believe him, you want to be there. He sounds like he’s been all around the world without ever leaving home.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>” - Greil Marcus

Rolling Stone

Sometimes reminiscent of Rick Danko from The Band, Krueger tells detailed elaborate stories.... NOWThen is in any case an intriguing piece by a master songwriter who has remained hidden for too long, " READ FULL ARTICLE IN DUTCH HERE>>” - Cis Van Looy

Written In Music (Dutch)

Rich Krueger has made with nowthen a contemporary record that oversees the world as the quantities did halfway through the last century. The telling character, observing the world through his eyes and the trusted sound ensure that rich krueger also proves on record why he is a winner"  READ FULL ARTICLE IN DUTCH AND IN ENGLISH HERE>>” - White Room Reviews

White Room Reviews (Netherlands)

NOWthen by Rich Krueger "NOWThen is a thorough exploration of Americana and folk sounds, and Rich Krueger is entertaining in his storytelling abilities." READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>” - Georgia Hertz

Independent Music Guide

NOWTHEN (ROCKIN K) Jackson Browne sang of "Lawyers in Love," but how 'bout doctors that rock?  Krueger is a University of Chicago neonatologist; he cares for newborns, probably saving lives of difficult deliveries and premies. He's also a highly developed songwriter; NOWThen's title reflects how this second LP (after 2018's Life Aint That Long) retrieves compositions from as far back as 1985, plus, after a few decades break, his recent revival. A rollicking homage to a Chi-town gin joint, "Kenny's (It's Always Christmas in This Bar)," sounds like Browne's Running on Empty, but his focus remains on '60s fulsome folk, country, and canyon pop in the bearing of Don McLe an, Gordon Lightfoot, Doc Watson, and '70s Bob Dylan. That's what attracted ROBBIE  FULKS  (guitar) and legends PETER STAMPFEL (fiddle) and GARY LUCAS (guitar) to appear ­ that, and Krueger 's advanced, experienced storytelling of vivid, ribald life experience/ viewpoint.” - Jack Rabid

The Big Takeover #83 (Print Magazine)

“Razor sharp observation...his words spill out - almost a screenplay in incredibly talented maverick” See the full review here” - Paul Kerr


The record expands on his folk rock template with some very welcomed surprises" .See the full review here” - Steven Tom


Rich Krueger NOWThen (Five Stars) “Staggering yet often surreal stories unfold its long and articulate lyrics coupled with heavyweight tunes to make this a joy” – Tony Ives READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE>> ” - Tony Ives

Country Music People Magazine (UK) PRINT ONLY

The staggering yet often surreal stories unfold in long and articulate lyrics coupled to heavyweight tunes to make this a joy. Falling into the broad church of Americana. Krueger is close to a Singer Songwriter sound and I think he’d have few complaints to be compared to Randy Newman. Read the full review here” - Tony Ives

Americana Music Show dot com

Robert Christgau on Rich Krueger's Ambition and Paul Simon's Farewell The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews Krueger's 'NOWThen' and Simon's 'In the Blue Light.'  Read the full review here” - Robert Christgau

Noisey (Vice)

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