From the recording The Troth Sessions

Recorded 10-14-02. And now the end of things the of note, on the orginal j-card i typed for this demo, i “claimed” that i had thought up linking love and quantum mechanics in my lyrics to “the uncertainty principle”, and had well before the film “Bull Durham” was made. However my records show in fact that i did write the song after the film was out. However i still believe i saw that film well after i wrote the song, as i still remember that upon my seeing the film i was struck by the idea’s inclusion in the script, as i thought i had come up with it first. Alas, i no longer actually have any idea if this was my own independent thought, or something i had overheard, or perhaps i had simply purloined the idea from the film without remembering having done so. Perhaps the laws of quantum mechanics allow for an idea to appear in two places at the same time. Best ask Heisenberg.


The Uncertainty Principle (After Heisenberg)
The move was handled with care.
I taped up that last box, then threw it down the stairs.
Bound what physically remained down with rope
And drove away slow, hoping against hope.
I turned on the radio and listened to the AM whine.
1200 kHz of ‘It’s hard to say goodbye’.
And the last great hopeless romantic
Steps to the blackboard and explains love with Quantum Mechanics.
There’s a problem of balance and grace
In a world spinning off into time and space
Stand still one moment you’re bound to lose your place,
And everything that mattered will be out-of-date and scattered.

And as this is the last love song,
If you don’t mind, I’m gonna sing along.
It’s just a simple tune running through an idiot’s head.
Get a bit too serious and your face turns red,
But at least, for this one moment,
There is nothing left to be said.
- December 1988 to March 1989