1. True True Love

From the recording The Troth Sessions

Recorded 9-3-02.True True Love, the first single off The Troth Sessions, is a loving tribute to the marriage of two people who run with an outsider crowd, whom no one would ever expect to do something as conventional as marry. As the song says…”Tell me, where do you think your life begins…” For the June party celebrating the vernon tonges-stacey earley las vegas elopement on mom's day 2001. A beginning.


True True Love
To Vernon Tonges and Stacey Earley on their wedding

Gather all ye myrtles brown*
Watch all the queer town folk dance ‘round and ‘round
There’s confetti in the air
Loosen up your underwear
Put on some Uncle Peter**.
Plant your lawn chair near the sound.
Listen to a few delightful lies
As the hummingbirds and the horseflies try and guess each others size
The dried flowers and fresh weeds in that bouquet you tossed into the trees
What kind of shadows do you throw when you’re under moon and stars
I’ve never seen this man so happy
Or this woman brought so near to tears
She can’t stop laughing. Can you blame her? It’s been years.
Tell me, where do you think your life begins?
Listen up young feller can’t you feel it on your skin
The strongest, the strangest smell in all the world that I’ve heard tell
Is true true Love
True true love

He will be her sword and she his shield
They’ll sew Queen’s Anne lace together along the Elysian Fields
They’ll take the time to watch it grow
From down here it looks a lot like snow
They’ll stare into each other’s eyes until this winter dies
She’ll lay down with him and make angels
He will piss a heart into the snow
Children learn to doubt there’s springtime if desert winter’s all they know
You can take your stupid little smirk
You can shove it up your ass, you lost and lonely cynical jerk
‘Cause the sweetest , the deepest smell
The purest water from the well
Is true true love
It’s true true, true true love

*Milton' Lycidas
**Peter Stampfel