1. Heaven

From the recording The Troth Sessions

Not sure when or where it was recorded. What happens after it is all over, perhaps. This “hidden track” was a contribution to my pediatric residency classes first and only post-residency newsletter. Strangely however I think it fits here.


Two lovers are alone
In a room smaller than this
They gaze into each other’s eyes
And then they share a kiss
It’s Walt Disney and James Thurber
Lying in each other’s arms
Swapping spittle and new fables
No man lets his brother fall to harm

It’s their world and welcome to it
A Magic Kingdom on the bed
Jim and Walt start getting mousey
They’ve got Mick’s ears up on their heads
Then they get out the crayons
And draw cartoons on the spread
If you whistle while you’re working
You can forget that you are dead.

Up in Heaven
Whose to say things do not happen this a-way
Pablo Picasso said today
‘I’m gonna make Henri Matisse eat hay.
Then ride him to the town hall
Where I’ll have him prance and neigh.’
And Toulouse-Lautrec has grown to eight feet tall.
-February 1993