From the recording The Troth Sessions

Recorded 10-14-02. Another beginning. One of the first songs I ever wrote, so of course it was a love song. Kind of wrote itself. Probably one of my first songs that was worth a damn. To my wife liz of course.


Love Is Gonna Break The Fall

Broken at the bottom of a red-green hill
Do she love me? Yes, she will
I gotta a felling my heart's gonna take a spill
And love is gonna break the fall

She's all the way from Baton Rouge
I want to be the one she choose
I'd gladly give her all I got to lose
Love is gonna break the fall

Sure, there's lots of problems
Big surprise, I've always had a few
Life is bound to knock you to and fro
At least we know there's somewhere to go

When all the hope and the help is in the hinter land
It's not a problem if you understand
Just how I feel when I hold your hand
Love is gonna break the fall

I could have wandered forever
For better or, more likely, for worse
But you bound me in your arms, you came and set me free
We are a party. Let's remarry

For you, I'd sail across the ocean in a paper cup
I get to you, I'm gonna drink you up
Ain't gonna stop until you've had enough
Save the last, it's the best of all
Ain't gonna worry
Love is gonna break the fall.
-December 1986