From the recording Life Aint That Long


I'm wearing a big bow tie
Time was I could sell you anything
Even the pyramids along the Nile
Just crack open the odometer and roll back the miles
Flash a smile
Rattle those keys
Watch the beater roll off the lot
Like a set of old bones
And if you don't get fifty miles before the brakes just fail
Well even Jesus had no guarantees
Guess I was blessed with an honest face
I took religion at an early age
I played this cripple with an offering plate
As Daddy saved souls from a soap box stage
When he passed he left me that gift
Christ, the man could sell you anything...I mean anything
But damn my soul to hell somehow I pissed it away
Behold a broken salesman's fall from grace
Can't you hear the bells?
There's a church at the end of the road
The congregation's redeeming
And from up here on the steeple
You can look down at all the people praying
 Praying take me back before I lost my faith
Take me back when I could look you in the eye
Shake your hand and lie straight to your face
Those were my glory days
No prick of a conscience to get in the way
Who'd ever guess it'd be over
And there weren't no accidents to shake my confidence
Since the news, I've hardly been sober
They had me clean out my desk
I swore they'd be begging me to come back
When the new guy leaned back in my old chair and said,
'Look pal, don't make us laugh'
I guess that he knew my wife
Who said the same thing the week before
Then slammed the door.
Oh and they're so sure that I got no where to go
You can tell 'em, it's me and my maker tonight
Can't you hear the bells ringing?
There's a church at the end of the road
The congregations is singing
And from up here the steeple, you feel a little bit closer to our Jesus.
And I'm still wearing that big bow tie
Along with every piece of clothes I own
And it says here it looks like rain
On page four of the newspaper parasol
Next the photo of a family who lost control of their vehicle
On their way home
Christ, the time was I could sell you anything
Jesus, lead me on home
Can't you hear the bells ringing?
There's a church at the end of the road
The congregations is screaming
As I let go of the steeple
Catch me Jesus. I'm falling.