1. '77/17

From the recording Life Aint That Long


It was fucking easy being green
And there, proudly on the movie screen 
A rock and roll transvestite queen
Midnight lips
My first kiss
Susan Saradon’s lovely tits
John and Paul, Glen, Sid and Steve 
And a brand new Elvis stops the TV
Harry Reems gets out of jail
William Jefferson Clinton still don’t inhale
But she let me put my fingers there
Then Nancy slipped off her underwear
'77 /17
A couple hundred nights and Christ, I really loved you Nancy
'77 was like a blur
The Pistols flipped off the whole fucking world
Steamed up car windows radio nights
Policemen and their long flash lights
Bee Gees under winter stars
Not all the way, but really really far
I swore to her that my love was true
And God knows I longed to show her, too.
So I walked hours to her house through streets of snow
Still, Nancy'd never tell me no
Though if she had, well I would have died
What a fucking perfect way to go
'77 /17
Many many many many many nights and
Christ,  I really loved you Nancy
It was '78 when eighteen hit
I was college-bound
I was dumb as shit
The music died at Winterland the fourteenth day
I prayed she wanted me to stay. but she wouldn’t say
God she really made me sad
But to her it looked like I got mad
So one day I just didn't talk to her
And to this day, Nancy ain't never said a word
Sid and his Nancy were a year away
But me, I think I really died that day
I want to go back and learn
How not to love someone in turn
Who lets you kiss 'em at a show
Where every punk that you know knows
'77 /17
Jesus Fucking H. Christ, I really loved you Nancy
Mary  Mother of God, I really loved you Nancy