From the recording Life Aint That Long


She walked in.
She looked around.
She picked me out and she spun me ‘round,
And said, ‘Kiss me now boy, but don’t ever take your eyes off me'.
To this day, I ain’t sure if this story’s even true.
Tell me, does this kind of shit ever happen to you?
‘Cause it ain’t never happened to me before in my whole goddamn life.
And maybe, well maybe, she’s just real drunk. I couldn’t tell you.
Me, I’d rather take what comes then try to tell a river which way to run.
‘Cause there is only one fact that I’ve hewn hard from my long life,
And that’s that life, well it ain’t that long.
If she had a nickel,
Or so I was told,
For every one-night wonder with a heart of gold
And a name for his cock that no thinking person would ever even name a dog,
Then she might have had time for nicer finer things.
She might’ve even stayed home past age 13,
When with her father’s long coat and his cigarettes,
She hopped a freight train for Tennessee
And maybe, just maybe, she’s just crazy. 
And sometimes, she’s just hurt.
But who needs a stranger’s tears.
A stranger’s more use for vodka and beers.
And you’re never gonna make me believe it’s a sin to want a warmer place to sleep,
Even if just like life, he ain’t that long.
Some folks got names for women like her,
And she knows the places those kind of folks can go.
The small minded kind who like to pass judgement.
Well, they can all just kiss her ass,
And then kiss the ass of the woman who should have been president.
There ought to be a law against stupid.
Well, we stayed a couple  
For a couple go ‘rounds,
As if two losts could ever make a found.
We were off and on and in and out for two years that I will never see again.
Well, I could complain out loud how my life unwound,
But that’s just the way that some lives are bound,
And though you know you can’t step into the same river twice,
Don’t mean you’re ever gonna quit tryin’.
And maybe, well maybe, life’s meant to be crazy, sad and strange,
Messed up and poorly planned, and the only one you’re ever gonna have.
But sometimes, well sometimes, I get a little lucky, and something comes along,
Like a short song about life, how life ain’t that long.
A short one on life, how life ain’t that long