From the recording Life Aint That Long


Ain’t it so nice outside today?
Ain’t it so nice outside today?
There’s so much you want to do.
Ain’t it so nice outside today? 
His back's been broke a couple times.
Her neck just won’t bend quite right.
He lost his left eye in some bar fight.
Her shoulder’s froze up tight.
She can’t mount a flight of stairs.
Can’t climb out of a chair.
He said, 'My head got busted with a 2 X 4,
Since that day doc, it’s like I got no soul no more."
 And it hurts so bad,
And it’s hurt for so damn long now.
The pain won’t ever go away.
But I gotta live another day.' I wanna live another day.
'Cause there's just so much I wanna do
And it's so nice outside today.
Sister been deaf since she was born.
Brother been blind since he was two
From something he caught from momma when he got born.
Whatever it was carried momma off too. 
Your good hand keeps dropping things. 
Your foot feels like it’s made of wood.
Can’t walk. Can’t talk. Can’t stand. Can’t sit.
And there’s blood every time you take a shit. 
And it hurts so bad,
And you ain’t worked for so damn long now.
The boss won't dare your coming back.
And if you don’t work, well you don’t get paid
So you can't live to work another day.
And there’s so much you still can do. And ain’t it nice outside today?
The nurse, she said good luck 
She give you these pills, but you don't know what they do.
But these pills, they just don't see you through.
It's like helplessness is just another word for nothing left to lose.
There but for fortune
She said 'Doc, the meth ran out.,
And I crashed real hard
February. The cops found me down
Outside an E/R that'd been shut down.
Seems I’d slept too long
I slept too hard on my right arm.
They said there weren’t nothin’ they could do.
Doc said he had to cut it off before time I’d come to.
And it hurts so bad.
And it’s hurt for so damn long now.
I can’t even feed myself.
But didn't Jesus
Didn't Jesus even ask God himself?
Didn't Jesus ask even ask God himself?
Why can’t I live another day?
'Cause ain't it so nice outside today.
Ain’t it so nice outside today?'
helpless hopeless aimless homeless pointless
toothless limbless useless faceless worthless
But it's don't cry don't cry don't cry
Baby don't cry
‘Cause there’s still so much that you can do
And ain’t it so nice outside today?