From the recording Life Aint That Long


It doesn't seem very long ago.
Outside the church, I watched parked cars
Disappear under Christmas snow.
It was about eleven, and the service was about to start.
I could have stood there all night,
But I was only seven, so I went in and played my part.
I guess it's the cold that I like the most.
Christ, if he were here, he'd probably spend his birthday on the gulf coast.
Drive along the water, and watch the sea-oats sway;
Have a few beers, then stroll onto the gulf.
Probably fish all day.
And it's that time again,
'Tis the season for shopping, cartoons, and a little good will to men.
But after giving dad that perfect Christmas tie,
After all the parties, after all the clothing drives,
Once the New Year's resolutions are tossed like the empty bottles of champagne,
Then it's back to routine, and thank God that everything's back the same.
We seem strangely blessed once all the lights have been put away.
Charity may begin at home, but always seems to end on Christmas day.
Two shepherds tend their flocks by night.
It's late. it's cold. They're more than a little tight,
One says to the other, 'Man, is that some kind of star?'
'No, man it's probably just a passing car."
And it's that time again.
Sometimes among the voices of angels
You can hear the voices of men.